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Corporate, Commercial, Video Games, ADR, E-learning and Telecoms. 

I  work repeadely with regular clients as well as gaining new customers. One of the great things about using one particular voice for your BRAND, is that the client and their customers build a relationship of trust with you.

Brands that have chosen me include: NHS, The Home Office, Siemens, Telefonica, WF&Co, Perrier Jouet, Dairy Farm and many more. 

You can contact me directly or via one of my agents. Click here.

Corporate Videos

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My Channel

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Being the voice for a brand is a big responsibility. Clients choose me because their audience find my voice trustworthy, confident, smooth and informative.  The ability to personify your product or brand is key and that's what I bring to all the corporate videos I provide voice over for.  

Telecoms IVR

Video Games

A clear, natural and friendly voice is essential when you have customers on hold. It's a much better experience these days than it used to be and a great opportunity to let your clients know about what other services you offer, how and when they can contact you or just to reassure them that they won't be holding for long.


I can offer you:

  • Bespoke Music and Information on hold.

  • A choice of different Royalty free music.

  • A promt quote, based on your script.

  • Advice on script writing.

  • High quality recording and production.

  • Delivery in wav format for higher quality on your phone system.

  • Delivery into a shared dropbox so you and your telecoms maintainer can access it easily.

  • Discounts on ongoing recording updates

Although not a new part of the industry it is still in a massive growth period and as a voice actor who has trained with the best video game actors and directors I am able to deliver exactly what you require for your title.  Either from my home studio or yours, I have the experience and stamina to bring characters to life, whilst preserving my voice and the characters engergy. Recent games I've worked on include: Deceit and Kindom Maker.  



Great film and TV doesn't get made without the hard work of ADR actors and directors.  I have trained with one of the most highly respected ADR directors in the world at Warner Brothers studios in London and am listed as one of their ADR actors.  If you would like further information about how to hire me, please click here.

Whether it's training in the workplace or at home, e-learning is a huge part of of the voiceover industry.  As an audiobook actor I am trained and experienced in delivering non-fiction narration that is engaging, educational and entertaining.  I bring even the most technical of scripts to life and make them accessible and enjoyable. Recently I narrated a series of e-learning modules which also required my expertise and experience with the french Language.  


If you are looking for TV or radio advertising contact me.  I'll bring your customers attention right to your product by interpreting your brand and client base correctly and listening to what you want.  From my home studio or a commercial studio, you have come to the right place.  You can also contact me via my agents by clicking here.

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