I am an experienced and sought after British audiobook narrator working from my professional home studio in England. What started as an extension of my commercial voice acting career has become my full focus in recent years, with a seemingly inexhaustible growth in the audiobook market. I work with both British and American publishers and narrate fiction and non fiction alike. 

My love of books and reading has enabled me to turn what would otherwise be a luxury activity, in a busy world, into my full time job.  

I absolutely love narrating all kinds of books and working within the audiobook industry, which is full of amazing, creative folks.

Drama & Narration Reel
Drama & Narration reel - Gabrielle Baker
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Southern Irish accent
Southern Irish accent - Gabrielle Baker
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Norfolk and German accent
Norfolk & German accent - Gabrielle Baker
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Three way dialogue
Three way dialogue - Gabrielle Baker
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Childrens literature
Children's Literature - Gabrielle Baker
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Dialogue free narration
Dialogue free narration - Gabrielle Baker
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Non-Fiction - Gabrielle Baker
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Audible reviews:

"A Radiant Book!"

…………Gabrielle Baker is an excellent story teller. Can't wait for the sequel.


 "…I thought she was awesome and I fell lin love with her storytelling. Also, she reads a love scene like nobody's business. I found myself looking around the house scared someone would know what I was listening to lol. She was amazing! "

"Something Special..."

".....When something special comes out in audio I hold my breath to see what the narration will be like. No worries there: Gabrielle Baker is perfect. I may or may not re-read this, but I will be re-listening to it many, many times.I have the tentative release of book 2 marked on the calendar. Please bring it out on audio and don't change the narrator!"


"Absolutely amazing story & great narration!5☆"

..."The narrators voice and dialect is perfectly adjusted for each character, and made me enjoy the story so much more!."


"Loved that British accent!"

"...Gabrielle Baker, the narrator, has done a lovely portrayal of Ildiko, Brishen, his cousin and her potential suitor in a wry, steady voice with a nice British accent.


"....The narrator. did a wonderful job, I could almost see the story play out in my mind eye."

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