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Tootsie Baker: Boss

Tootsie joined the team in 2014 and moved quickly to the very top of the ladder.  She is responsible for watching squirrels and barking at them at inopportune times.  Tootsie is also an excellent lap warmer and seat stealer.  During editing she will always be found on my lap or snuggled behind me on my chair.  She is also a favourite on social media. 

Gabrielle Baker: Actor and tea girl

I set up Gabrielle Voices in 2012 and was able to go full time in 2014 when my youngest child started primary school. It meant that I could work as an actor and still be a hands on mum. I work around school hours, which means I can often be found doing night shifts in the booth or early morning pre-school sessions. I love working from my home studio with Tootsie, and although we are a small team we are connected to the rest of the world on a daily basis through the work that we do.  Whether I'm narrating audiobooks, explaining medical equipment or killing zombies in video games, I'm always story telling. It's what I do and it's what I love.

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